The G-Clamp Fall Protection System is temporary and reusable fall arrest anchor system that does not rely on screws or nails for installation. Our system uses friction and tension to create an ultra-strong, reusable, OSHA compliant fall arrest anchor on virtually any type of roof. The system has 3 main parts – the G-Clamps that install under the eave, a Saddle or Hinged Peak Anchor and 2 heavy duty ratchet straps. When tension is applied to the system with the ratchets it creates a friction based fall arrest system. No tools are needed to install the system. Absolute genius.

This revolutionary system can be used by anyone that needs to access the roof including contractors of almost any trade and homeowners alike. Installation takes 10 – 15 minutes and removal is even quicker. The system is 100% non-invasive and can be used on any pitched roof with at least 2" overhang. It can be installed on any existing roof with asphalt shingles, standing seam metal roofs, wood shake, clay tile or slate. It is perfect for remodeling and new construction, too. 2 workers can utilize the system when using in fall restraint or 1 user in fall arrest.

No nails. No screws. No bolts. No holes. No damage. No Patching or Replacing. Increase your potential for new jobs and gain business with confidence. Reduce your liability from damaged roofs or water leaks. Eliminate your fall protection issues and protect yourself and your employees with the new G-Clamp Fall Protection System. This is the system that contractors have been waiting for. The future of fall protection has arrived – order your today!

Trades that can utilize the G-Clamp System

  • Roofers
  • Painters
  • Maintenance & Cleaning
  • Masons
  • Chimney Sweeps
  • General Contractors
  • Pressure Washers
  • Satellite Installers
  • Solar Installers
  • Window Cleaning
  • Homeowner Fall Protection


  • Residential Homes
  • Multifamily Structures
  • Commercial Properties
  • Apartments & Hotels
  • Schools & Universities

#8501 G-Clamp System
Complete Grappling Clamp system with 1 ea. Ridgetop anchor, 2 ea. G-Clamps, 2 ea. 35' Ratchet Straps and 6 ea. T-Bars (for Ridgetop Anchor & Eave Grappling Clamps). Units come in 2 ea. Heavy Duty black carry bags for easy transport. 1-4 units freight is charged via UPS Ground or Truck Freight. 5+ units qualify for prepaid freight.

#8502 Rafter Clamps
Set of 4 ea. Rafter Clamp "vise-grips". Designed to hold the G-Clamp in place for a hands free set up. The Rafter Clamps attach to the rafter tail.

#8503 Riser Blocks
Set of 8 ea. Riser Blocks to lift the Grappling Clamps and Ridge or Saddle Anchor above any necessary roofing surface. Can be used for numerous applications including tile, metal, slate, wood and asphalt shingles.

#8504 60' Ratchet Straps
Set of 2 ea. 60' Ratchet Straps. Use for larger roofs where 35' is just not long enough.

#8505 Saddle Style Ridge Anchor
1 ea. Hinged Saddle Anchor Heavy Duty. Can be used on metal, tile, slate, wood and asphalt shingle roofs. Use in conjunction with the #8503 Riser Blocks to lift the anchor above any roofing clearance issues.


  • "As the Safety Director for a painting contractor, I am very pleased with the Grappling Clamp Set. It has allowed our painters to safety do their job without installing multiple "D" rings into our customers building. The painters feel very secure with the system and it helps them to be productive because they feel safe. I would urge all painting contractors to consider the Grappling Clamp Set to help their painters to complete high work safely."
  • "I have used them on three separate job sites and I found them very easy and fast to set up (Setup time roughly 10 minutes). I have had myself and another guy tied off and we both felt very secure and safe! I actually feel safer using this system then the tie offs that are on most of the newer roofs. Thank you again and I will no longer be using any other tie off system but yours."
  • "With over 30 years in the painting and contracting business I have used and come across many methods of tying off by contractors, many of them not to standard, and some were outright dangerous. At the end of the day this invention puts safety in the contractor's hands. Not only is it innovative, it works and is a great asset to any job site for any contractor."
  • "My experience with the G-Clamp fall protection device makes me wonder how we ever went so long working on dangerous pitched roofs without it. Not only is it simple to use, but it has made me feel safer than ever on any of the roofs I have used it on to date. In fact, without access to these units I would have had to pass up several jobs because they were far too unsafe and lacking tie off points. I feel every paint company, homeowner and specialty contractor should own at least one of these lifesaving units. In short, the Grappling Clamps simply exceeded and set a new standard for modern jobsite safety!!!"
  • "Many cleaning contractors wouldn't clean our steep roof because we didn't have attachment point at the crown of the roof. Others gave us a much higher estimate because of the risk. G-Corp was able to clean our roof cost effectively and efficiently because of their unique rigging system. They showed us how their clamps worked and we watched while they moved all over our roof safely and without us fearing someone would fall."

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