September 2015 - 6 things you need to know about roof anchors:

  1. Easy to Install: roof anchors in general are easy to install and require on average 8 nails. New construction anchors install with 1 bolt and 6 nails in about 2 minutes. For the handy-man among us you can have an anchor installed in about 10 minutes and for those that may be less-than-proficient with a hammer it may take you up to 30 minutes.
  2. Cost Effective: permanent anchors cost as little at $10.00 and go up to $70.00 depending on the application. Most residential homes with asphalt shingle roofs need 4 - 6 roof anchors. Amortized over the next 10 years and you can see how little they cost.
  3. Permanent: anchors that are permanently attached to the home offer you peace of mind and something for you and/or your tradesman to tie off to. Not having a permanent anchor makes it very difficult to create a safe work environment. Once installed, either during construction or retrofitted, you are provided that safety and security to protect you from the #1 cause of death – falls from height.
  4. Engineered: thousands of hours of research, design, testing and engineering go into our roof anchors. It is not just the anchor that requires heavy amount of testing and engineering, but also the fasteners that hold the anchor to the structure. That is why all of our anchors are shipped with factory supplied and certified fasteners. This ensures your safety no matter what. We can provide you with 3rd party testing and engineering documents upon request.
  5. Meet OSHA Standards: the strength requirement for meeting the OSHA standard for fall arrest is not an easy task to accomplish, especially with the anchors that are going to be up on the roof for the life of the house. We not only comply with their standards, but also the ANSI and CSA requirements. The heavy amounts of testing and engineering have helped us to be able to offer you some of the world's most trusted fall protection anchor points.
  6. Many Options & Choices: there are so many options for you to choose from that it can be overwhelming at times. Residential, Multifamily, commercial, expensive, inexpensive, stainless, galvanized, D-rings, no D-rings, bolt on, nail on, tile/metal/flay/asphalt roofing and more! That is why we are here - to help you make sure that you get the anchor that will work best for your application!

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