June 2014 - Rooftop Safety by Design

As OSHA increases their enforcement of Fall Protection Rules for construction, it is important for it to be simple to design Safety Anchors into the roof system. Our new Construction Specification Institute Documents make this possible for Designers. This approach plays an important role in building safety, including rooftop safety and fall protection during and after construction.

"Safety in Design" is more than just a catch phrase. Much like seat-belts for cars, roof anchors protect all those that access the roof during and after construction. If safety anchors are not designed into the structure, then those that access the roof after construction are often left with nothing to attach their Personal Protective Equipment to.

To make is easier for Designers, we provide fully engineered, 3rd party tested, permanently fixed anchors points at or near the ridge or the leading edge for fall protection safety. All Designers play an extremely important role in building safety, including fall protection. Please use our new SpexPlus documents on all of your projects that have dangerous fall hazards and help eliminate the threat of injury and death from falls.

Additionally, these specifications are included in the SpexPlus “Master Specification System for Design Professionals” found here:

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