March 2016 - Technical Achievement – Lifeline Advancements:

Reverse Rigging:

For over 2 decades Super Anchor Safety has been providing fall protection solutions for the residential and multifamily construction industry. Listening to our customers has played an important role in the development of some very unique products that make working at height safer, more productive and easier.

Super Anchor is the first to introduce our "Reverse Rigging" addendum for our lifeline systems that utilize our patented Prussic-style Rope Grab.

What is Reverse Rigging? Reverse Rigging allows our lifelines to be used in "reverse" – the lifeline end that normally connects to the anchor is now connected to the users harness/energy absorber and the rope grab is connected to the anchor point. If utilizes the same principle of operation found in self-retracting lifelines.

What does it Accomplish? It allows the user to limit the amount of free lifeline between them and the anchor point so that they are not hauling around 50' of lifeline around their work area.

Why use Reverse Rigging? All of your "slack" lifeline that usually follows the worker around or hangs over the side of the roof is not stationary up at the roof anchor location. This lessens the weight of the extra lifeline on the worker, eliminated the lifeline catching/snagging, reduces potential tripping hazards and creates less rope-management issues.

How Can I Start Using It? Download our SAS Lifeline Reverse Rigging manual, purchase the proper equipment and start enjoying the freedom that it allows you.

Precautions for Reverse Rigging: This is a unique application and it has limitations. It can only be used with our Super Grab and Value Grab Prussic-style rope grabs. It cannot be used with a mechanical rope grab as they lock in only one direction whereas the Super Grab and Value Grab lock in both directions.

Feel free to contact us about any questions you may have.

Reverse Rigging Manual

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