Steel Snaphooks | For connecting fall protection components together

#5005Z Double Locking Snaphook

  • Self-Closing and Self-Locking with 7/8" gate opening
  • Strength Rated to 23kn (5,000 pounds)
  • 3,600-pound gate strength
  • Weight is 13.8 ounces

You will find this snaphook on most our products. Super Heavy-Duty construction will stand up to abuse common on the jobsite. It meets the ANSI Z359.10-09 3,600-pound gate strength standard and is compatible with all equipment made by Super Anchor Safety. Complies with all OSHA, ANSI and CSA Standards.

#5008Z Rebar Snaphook

  • 2" gate opening for attaching to rebar and other structure
  • Self-Closing and Self-Locking
  • Easy one handed operation
  • Strength Rated to 23kn (5,000 pounds)
  • 3,600-pound gate strength
  • Weight is 16.1 ounces

The Rebar snaphook is built for those times you need a larger gate opening to attach to rebar or other structures. Sometimes a standard size snaphook opening just isn’t large enough. We can manufacture this snaphook onto lanyards, lifelines and energy absorbers. Complies with all OSHA, ANSI and CSA Standards.

#5009Z Swivel Snaphook & Load Indicator

  • Self-Closing and Self-Locking with a 7/8" gate opening
  • Swivel feature will create less rope and lanyard tangles and binding
  • Load Indicator warns of previous falls or force load
  • Green = Good. Red = Do Not Use
  • 3,600-pound gate strength
  • Rated for 23kn (5,000 pounds)
  • Weight is 16 ounces

This is a very nice upgrade for any lanyard or lifeline. It helps keep your lifeline and lanyards from tangling and twisting. It weighs in at 1 pound and can be manufactured onto any of our lifelines, lanyards and energy absorbers. Complies with all OSHAS, ANSI and CSA Standards.

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