RS-10 Roof & Wall

This is a single sided D-ring anchorage device that are installed at the ridge, hip-ridge or in the field for permanent or temporary use. Permanent use anchors are supplied with stainless steel nail fasteners and a butyl strip flashing. The 8-1/2” length is idea for shingle type roofs allowing the anchor to be attached over the roofing material. The RS-10 is exactly ½ of our RetroFit anchor, making it an ideal complimentary anchor for hip ridges and shed roofs.

Available with a “Dual Hole” option to accept larger diameter fasteners to give you more mounting options. We can supply you with special, high strength Head-Lok Fasteners up to 12” long for deeper substrate installation.

  • Built for Shingle Roofing and Wall Applications
  • Permanent Low-Profile Design Does Not Detract from Roof
  • Use on Roof or Wall Surfaces
  • Easy to Install and Includes all Fasteners
  • Rated for 5,000 OSHA Fall Arrest
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2813RS-10 Anchor Single Retail Package, 1 hole size, 430 SST, Dacromet coated D-ring, Butyl Flashing & Fasteners786158281392


2813BRS-10 Anchors Bulk Packaged Box of 20, 1 hole size, 430 SST, Dacromet coated D-ring, Butyl Flashing & Fasteners786158281353


2813-20RS-10 Anchors Single Package Box of 20, 1 hole size, 430 SST, Dacromet coated D-ring, Butyl Flashing & Fasteners786158281385


2813BD RS-10 Anchors Bulk Packaged Box of 20, 2 hole size, 430 SST, Dacromet coated D-ring, Butyl Flashing & Fasteners786158281360


2813-BF-SD RS-10 Anchors Bulk Packaged Box of 20, 2 hole size, 430 SST, Dacromet coated D-ring, & Fasteners, no Butyl786158281360
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Anclas RS-10:

Este es un dispositivo de anclaje provisto con un anillo en D en un extremo, el cual puede ser instalado permanente o temporalmente sobre la cresta o la cadera de un techo o sobre cualquier área libre de un techo. Las anclas de uso permanentemente, se suministran con clavos de acero inoxidable y tiras tapajuntas de butilo.

Su longitud de 8-1/2” es ideal para techos de tejas, permitiendo que el ancla sea instalada sobre el material para techado. El ancla RS-10 es exactamente la mitad de nuestra ancla para remodelaciones (RetroFit), convirtiéndola en un complemento ideal de anclaje para techos tipo cadera o cobertizos.

Con el fin de ofrecer más opciones de montaje, vienen disponibles con orificios dobles para el uso de sujetadores de diámetro mayor. Podemos ofrecerlas con sujetadores especiales tipo Headlock de alta resistencia hasta 12” de largo, para instalaciones en substratos profundos.

  • Fabricadas para techos de tejas y aplicaciones de paredes
  • Diseñó permanente de bajo perfil, no se arranca del techo
  • Para ser empleado en superficies de techos o paredes.
  • De fácil instalación, incluye todos los sujetadores
  • Clasificación de OSHA para 5000lb de detención de caídas.
Technical Specifications
DeviceSingle D-ring Permanent Roof Anchor
Fall Protection RatingFall Arrest and Fall Restraint
Structure Attachment – WoodWood Framed Structure
Structure Attachment – Steel24 gauge minimum metal decking with SAS engineering
Minimum Breaking5,000 pounds
Minimum Tensile5,000 pounds
Material – Strapping20 gauge 430 Stainless Steel
Material – D-ringsStamped Dacromet or yellow zinc plated steel
Stamp MarksDate of Manufacture Year/Month
FlashingButyl flashing for waterproofing 2 @ 4″
Maximum User Weight340 pounds including tools and equipment
Hardware3-1/4″ Stainless steel nails
OSHA Standard1926:502 and 1910.66
ANSI StandardZ359.1-07 and A10.32-2012
Canadian 3rd PartyCertified by L’Ordre des Ingenierus du Quebec

Product Manuals
Tie Off Strap AnchorEnglishRS Series Instruction ManualDownload PDF
SpanishRS Series Instruction ManualDownload PDF
FrenchRS Series Instruction ManualDownload PDF
Tie Off Strap AnchorEnglishSAS Warranty & Statement of ComplianceDownload PDF
Relevant & Supplemental Information
Tie Off Strap AnchorEnglishSite Specific Fall Protection Work Plan WorksheetDownload PDF
Tie Off Strap AnchorEnglishFall Hazard – Leading Edges, Gable Edge, Lower Level and Swing FallDownload PDF
Tie Off Strap AnchorEnglishCompatibility – Lifeline Anchorage DevicesDownload PDF
Tie Off Strap AnchorEnglishCompatibility – Harnesses and Rope GrabsDownload PDF
Tie Off Strap AnchorEnglishNon-Compatibility – Lifelines and LanyardsDownload PDF