MAX Force Energy Absorbers – Integral Rope Grab Series

The Energy Absorber is one of the most critical components for fall protection and is required by OSHA when workers are exposed to a free fall hazard. Designed to limit maximum arrest forces while slowing the descent, our absorbers feature patented domestic manufactured tear webbing and the highest quality connectors. MAX Force personal energy absorbers are manufactured at our factory in Monroe, WA and are ensured for component compatibility with all Super Anchor Safety Personal Protection Equipment. An absolute must for fall protection.

Our Snap Hook Series contains an ANSI Z359.12-09 3,600-pound gate strength connectors in the form of snaphooks, carabiners or our exclusive UltraLite Dee Web that connects to the rear D-ring of the user’s full body harness. Maximum arresting force is 900 pounds with a maximum deployment length of 42”.

MAX Force Absorbers are also supplied with Fall Arresters and Integral Adjusters (mechanical rope grabs). Mechanical Fall Arresters and Integral Adjusters have single direction locking functions that require correct orientation when installed onto a lifeline. Fall Arresters are removed from the lifeline by unlocking a hinged gate mechanism. Integral Adjusters are not designed for removal from the lifeline. Factory attachment on the absorber eliminates 1 connector resulting in a lighter component. #4015-C/Z are Panic Grab types that prevent the worker from disabling the locking function during a free fall and comply with CSA Z259.5-12.

  • Made is USA
  • 100% Polyester Webbing Material
  • Fall Indicator Label
  • Inspection Report Label
  • PVC Wear Pad Loop End Accepts Snap Hooks & Carabiners
  • Clear PVC Cover for Easy Inspection
  • English/Spanish Warning Labels
  • Hip Height Length for Easy Reach Adjustment
Technical Specifications
DeviceEnergy Absorber for one Person
Fall Protection RatingFall Arrest
Material – Tear WebbingDomestic Patented Tear Webbing
Material – Cover/BackerPolyester Webbing
Body Length (approximate)17.5″
Unit Weight1.35 pounds
Connector ComplianceANSI Z359.12-2009, CSA Z259.12-11 3,600-pound gate strength
Peak Force @ 6′ Free FallSee Table 1 “Absorber Specifications” SAS-Energy Absorbers Instruction/Specification Manual
Maximum DeploymentSee Table 1 “Absorber Specifications” SAS-Energy Absorbers Instruction Specification Manual
Maximum User WeightSee Table 1 “Absorber Specifications” SAS-Energy Absorbers Instruction Specification Manual
OSHA Standard1926:502
ANSI StandardZ359.1-07
CSA StandardZ259.11.05 Class F Lanyard