Horizontal Lifeline Premade Cables

The 30-degree angle fixed length, factory engineered Horizontal Lifeline System is for use by 3 workers in fall restraint or 2 in fall arrest. The 5-degree angle fixed length cable lifeline with energy absorber is also for use for up to 3 workers. There are numerous applications in which you can use these lifelines with different anchor points including:

  • WS Attic Anchors
  • Safety Bars
  • Hinge2 Roof Anchors
  • Hinge Roof Anchors
  • ARS Series Anchors
  • 3rd Party Engineered 30-degree Angle HLL System
  • Extremely Cost Effective with Replaceable Parts
  • Temporary Installation on Flat or Pitched Surfaces
  • 2 person Fall Arrest or 3 person Fall Restraint
  • Super Heavy Duty 3/8” Galvanized Cable rated for 14,000+ pounds
ImagePart #Nominal LengthFinished LengthDescriptionUPC


1335-1010′11′-6″10′ 30-degree cable with snaphooks786158133509
1335-1212′13′-6″12′ 30-degree cable with snaphooks786158133516
1335-1414′16″14′ 30-degree cable with snaphooks786158133523
1335-1616′18′-4″16′ 30-degree cable with snaphooks786158133530
1335-1818′20′-6″18′ 30-degree cable with snaphooks786158133547
1335-2020′23′20′ 30-degree cable with snaphooks786158133554


1336-1010′96″10′ 5-degree cable with snaphooks & Absorber786158133608
1336-1212′120″12′ 5-degree cable with snaphooks & Absorber786158133615
1336-1414′144″14′ 5-degree cable with snaphooks & Absorber786158133622
1336-1616′168″16′ 5-degree cable with snaphooks & Absorber786158133639
1336-18′18′192″18′ 5-degree cable with snaphooks & Absorber786158133646
1336-2020′216″20′ 5-degree cable with snaphooks & Absorber786158133653
Technical Specifications
DeviceFixed Length Horizontal Lifeline Temporary Installation on Wood Framed Structures
Fall Arrest2 person maximum
Fall Restraint3 person maximum
Maximum Roof Slope12/12 Pitch, 45-degree
Material – CableGalvanized Steel 3/8″ x 7 x 19
Material – SnaphooksDouble Locking, 3,600 pound gate strength ANZI Z359 rated connectors
Material – ThimblesGalvanized thimble with aluminum swages
Material – Energy Absorber316 Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel Fasteners
Minimum Breaking Strength14,400 pounds (64kn)
Energy Absorber Breaking Strength5,625 pounds (25kn)
Energy Absorber Activation Force44 pounds
Energy Absorber Dynamic Activation Force771 pounds
Energy Absorber Peak Activation Force1,322 pounds
Energy Absorber Static Length17″
Energy Absorber Deployed Length25″
Cable Lengths10′, 12′, 14′, 16′, 18′, 20′
Swage TerminationsAluminum 5,000 pound minimum
OSHA Standard1926:502, 1910.66
ANSI StandardZ359.1-07, A10.32-2012

Product Manuals
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Relevant & Supplemental Information
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