Form-It Anchor

Temporary Use roof anchor that can be installed onto a flat surface and onto pitched roofs. Anchor legs are pre-bent to 25-degrees. Adjust the anchor by hand to match the roof pitch. Installs with 10 16d vinyl sinkers through the sheathing and into a top chord. Maximum exposure time is 6 months from install date. Evacuate by removing or by flattening the anchor stem over.

  • Fall Arrest Rated for 5,000 pounds
  • 14 gauge zinc plated steel
  • Attached with 10 ea. 16d vinyl coated nails
  • Adjustable Pitch Legs Bend Easily with Hand
  • Comprehensive Instruction/Specification Manual
ImagePart #DescriptionUPC


1019Form-It box of 10. Retail packaged786158101904


1019BForm-It box of 100. (2 boxes of 50) Bulk packaged786158101928


1019PForm-It pallet of 2,500 (50 boxes of 50) Bulk Packaged786158101935
Anclas para techos para uso provisional que pueden ser instaladas sobre superficies planas o sobre la cumbrera de los techos. Las patas de las anclas están dobladas de fabrica a 25 grados. Ajustar el ancla manualmente sobre el techo para que coincida con la pendiente de este. Instalarlas con 10 clavos tipo 16D con recubrimiento de vinilo, a través de la cubierta del techo a una viga superior. La máxima exposición al medio ambiente es de 6 meses desde el momento en que se instale. Evacúela retirándola o aplastando el vástago sobre el ancla.

  • Rateada para 5000lb para detención de caídas
  • Acero calibre 14 con recubrimiento de galvanizado de zinc
  • Para instalarlas con 10 clavos tipo 16D con recubrimiento de vinilo
  • Patas con ángulo ajustable, se doblan fácilmente con la mano
  • Manual completo de instrucciones/especificaciones
Technical Specifications
DeviceFormIt Anchor for 1 person use, disposable anchor
Fall Protection RatingFall Arrest and Fall Restraint
Roof SlopeAdjustable to lay flat or any pitch/slope. Preset at 25-degrees
Minimum Breaking5,000 pounds
Average Tensile5,000 pounds
Material14-Gauge zinc plated steel
Maximum User Weight310 pounds including tools and equipment
Maximum Exposure Time6 months from date of original installation
Attachment Hold7/8″ or 1″ to accept snaphooks or carbiners
OSHA Standard1926:502
ANSI StandardZ359.1-07 and A10.32-2012

Product Manuals
Form-It ManualEnglishForm It Instruction/Specification ManualDownload PDF
Form-It Manual SpanishSpanishForm It Instruction/Specification ManualDownload PDF
Tie Off Strap AnchorEnglishSAS Warranty & Statement of ComplianceDownload PDF
Relevant & Supplemental Information
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